Three B-hyve smart flood sensors with a Gen 2 B-yve hub.
One B-yve flood sensor featuring its easy retrieval string and low profile design for small spaces.
One B-yve smart flood sensor featuring its superior leak detection with special capillary grooves that wick tiny amounts of water.
B-hyve app on a smartphone. Featuring the b-yve smart flood sensor audible alarm with the ability to receive immediate notifications anywhere.
The b-hyve app on a smartphone features the B-yve smart flood sensor temperature alerts that monitor low temperatures to avoid frozen pipes.
Dimensions of one B-yve Gen 2 hub, and one B-yve smart flood sensor.
One B-yve flood sensor featuring its replaceable coin cell battery.
Top view of a B-yve smart flood sensor.
One B-yve smart flood sensor.
Five B-yve smart flood sensors.
A Gen 2 B-yve hub with a B-yve smart flood sensor.
Part #: 71003

B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor

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Protect your whole home and everything in it that matters most from water leaks. The B-hyve smart flood sensor detects the presence of even the slightest amounts of water and can be controlled from anywhere with a free smartphone app. iOS and Android. All sensors controlled from a free app on your smartphone. iOS and Android. This multifunctional device will also alert you of temperature fluctuations, great for preventing potential pipe freezes. Choose your pack size below.

Requires Gen 2 Hub (not compatible with Gen 1 hub).

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