Hose Washer and HydroSeal Pack
Part #: 91935

Hose Washer and HydroSeal Pack

Orbits Hose Washer Combo Pack includes the revolutionary HydroSeal washer and standard hose washer to stop leaks and keep your arms and legs dry! Saves water and helps prevent leaks between your hose, sprinklers, and all hose-end products. Soft and resilient for a water-tight seal. Simply remove the traditional washer, insert the HydroSeal washer into the hose attachment end of your watering tool, and connect your hose. Durable construction resists hardening and cracking. Standard washers are included to replace worn or cracked washers. May not work with all hoses. For outdoor use with cold water only.
  • STOP LEAKS: Prevents water from leaking from hose end products to your arms and legs dry.
  • SAVES WATER: Keeps water contained and where you need it.
  • EASY-TO-USE: Simply remove the traditional washer from any standard hose-end product and insert the HydroSeal washer in its place.
  • LONG LASTING: Made of durable material, these washers resist hardening and cracking.
  • INCLUDES: (4) HydroSeal Washer (4) Standard Hose Washers.
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