Brass Slip Lok Fitting with Mist Nozzle
Part #: 10121W

Brass Slip Lok Fitting with Mist Nozzle

The unique Brass Slip Lok Design is applicable in both low and high-pressure mist system applications. The Slip Lok Fitting with Mist Nozzle, coupled with 3/8 in. nylon tubing, assembles in minutes with simple insertion and twist motion to create a mist system up to 125 linear ft. They actually grip tighter as the pressure is increased and can be used with mist pumps that pressurize up to 1000 PSI. The fitting can be rotated a full 360 degrees to direct the mist where needed. It can also be disassembled from the tubing by simply compressing the ferrule against the body and pulling away from the tubing. These features make it the most versatile mist system fitting available.
  • Use to expand any flexible 3/8" mist tubing kit up to 75 nozzles or 150' (46m)
  • Unique design for easy mist system assembly, customizing, expansion or repair
  • Use with high-density 3/8" OD flexible tubing
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