Duraflex Pro 50&
Duraflex Pro 50&
Part #: BDS7327

Duraflex Pro 50' Expanding Garden Hose

The DuraflexPro® 15.24 m Expanding Garden Hose makes watering jobs easy to check off your to-do list. Forget about fighting with twists and kinks, the 2-ply construction is reinforced with rubber to help reduce the risk of rupture and the outer layer is protected by an elastic nylon sleeve. This conveniently compact hose can be stored anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about coiling and uncoiling on a daily basis. Simply connect this hose to your outdoor faucet and watch it expand up to twice its size in just seconds! No more dragging a heavy hose across your yard. This lightweight hose features patented quick repairable couplings, allowing you to cut away any damage to the ends that may impact functionality and simply reattach the coupling. Never throw away a damaged hose again!

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